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Your Social Media Questions: Answered!

Below you’ll see some questions I was asked by my followers. I’ll be adding more question periodically. If you have a question that you want answered, simply comment below and I’ll work to get it answered here.

Only Social media related questions please.. and I’ll only answer questions that the answers to I know have worked in the past for me!

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Social Media

What is the easiest service to provide to local businesses to deliver in the shortest amount of time possible?

The easiest one in my opinion is Social Media management. But, that is not necessarily the easiest way to “get your foot in the door”.

The best long term scale-able service is one of 2: Lead generation or Sales. Local businesses know that they need a Social Media presence, but Social Media doesn’t mean ANYTHING to a local business. It is Sales and Leads what counts. More business period.

Once you get the business owner even 1 extra lead or sale that came through your efforts, you gained his trust and then you can offer any service you want, because you proved your worth.

Furthermore, this is scale-able is you can generate leads for a real-estate broker (for example) you can then work with other brokers in different towns (to keep exclusivity). You have a tool that you can use over and over again and once you master lead generation or sales, it will be the FASTEST and EASIEST service to provide, it will also open many doors to more opportunities.

Find a “Local business niche” which can “sell on Facebook” fine tune a lead or sales funnel, send paid traffic, prove it works and offer the service to business owners. Then offer them more services that you can outsource, design, management etc’. Rinse and repeat!

What can I do to get low cost Facebook ads?

As I see it, there aren’t low cost ads. There are either profitable or non-profitable ads.

You should always be looking at you’re ROI and net profit. If a click costs $1 and returns $2 that works for me.

That being said, the price you page for click on Facebook, is determined, mostly, by the audience you’re advertising to and your ads CTR.

Test, test, test! Try improving your ad’s CTR and you should get lower CPC’s.

What’s the fastest and easiest way to get “Facebook Likes” and “Google +1’s”?

Without going in to plugins, software or tools. The fastest way to get likes is by advertising for them. Set up a like campaign and invest in getting new likes.

However, you can also send people from your entire network: blogs, email lists etc’ to your FB or Google Pages. You can also cross promote the 2.

Send people from your Facebook Pages to your Google+ Pages and vice versa.

Can you show how to integrate Social Media with my Website and increase its profitability?

The easiest way to integrate social media with your website is with the use of social plugins like the “Like Button”, comments and more. BUT don’t stop there.

Use all the sources you have to interlink all your different social media accounts. So for example: Send people from your email list to your Facebook pages or groups.

Link out from your Facebook pages to your pinterest pages and twitter profile as well as any other social media account you have tied in to the niche you’re focusing on. People have accounts in several different social media networks and by cross linking all of them together, you will attract new audiences in to your network.

Some marketers set up fake accounts for marketing purposes. Yet Facebook policy still says only one account per person. What’s your take on this?

Why would you do it? Its a waste of time…

First of all, its harder to manage, second you risk losing all your pages and previous work you’e done. If you’re trying to hide then something is wrong with the what you’re trying to accomplish. Don’t do it.

On that note, pen names are different. Your blog, email lists etc’ can contain a pen name, this is accepted in the world and people know it’s done… but not where you’re trying to establish yourself as an authority. Think about that. For example.. in the IM niche I use my name, I do own other blogs and lists in different niches and I don’t use my real name in all of them. But fake accounts are a waste of time.

Facebook anyhow does a great job of protecting your identity as a page owner and an advertiser, so the only use of a fake account as I see it is trying to “pitch to people” via PM’s (which is 100% crap) and spam posting to groups (takes lots of time and is just spam)… I’d rather master the ads system.

I’m thinking about using a tool to scrape Facebook audiences, to create a custom audience for advertising purposes. I heard that people are getting banned, what’s your take on this?

You basically need to own the audience. They need to know you. As a matter of fact before you upload the audience to your FB ads account, Facebook requires you to confirm that the people know you. If they don’t know you, then don’t upload the audience as your account can be disabled. I know a handful of marketers that it already happened to, you don’t want to be the next one. Think long term.

Marketer’s “got away with it” in the past and they were lucky. Don’t risk your account.

Use the targeting options that Facebook gives you. If I’m using them and turning high positive ROI, so can you. Plus… its faster.

However, if you have created audience from YOUR pages or YOUR groups or email lists, then that’s a  different story all together. Because these people know you (or your business).

In addition to that, start looking at more tools like Facebook’s native Website custom audiences.

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